Sunday, September 30, 2012

Not much today.

It's going to be beautiful.  74 they say.  I'm thinking my swing and I are going to have some serious together time while it's still possible.  It won't be long until enjoying the outdoors will be put on hold for a few months.  Spent most of yesterday out there reading and how relaxing it was. 

Won't be much going on here today.  As always tv will be occupied by races and football.  Gets to be rather routine and boring at times.  As much as I like watching the Packers one game a day is enough for me so I seldom watch any others. How some can watch game after game baffles me.  Really, don't they get all cramped and stiff? 

Guess I'll go through some sewing material and see what I can come up with for the new great-grandbaby.  Maybe grandma can come up with something special.  I'm not real talented by I try.  Have tons of fabric and scraps.  I think there are some girly prints in there.  Wish me luck. Only a week before the baby shower. 

Have a good day.

"The difference between reality and fiction? Fiction has to make sense."   Tom Clancy


  1. I am not a football fan. I hate it when it takes away a show I wanted to watch. ;-)

    The weather is beautiful here today too.

  2. Nor am I [fottball fan] so can't comment on that but I do like the sound of you and your swing getting all cosy together, what a lovely thought, and good luck with your sewing adventures, I'm sure you'll come up with something nice, as it will be made with love.

  3. By the sounds of things, you have been keeping well and keeping yourself busy. That is a good thing. Keeping busy keeps you out of trouble, so I think?!! Bwahahaha! I am sure with you creative ind, you can sew up something special.