Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Turn up the heat Please.

Woke up to a temperature of37 this morning.  I'm not liking that one bit.  Please Mother Nature, give us a little long with some nice temps.  Say until Dec. 21. :-)  It's suppose to get to 74 and I wish it would hurry.  Just the thought of snow and ice makes me shiver. 

Wish I had some pictures of the Autorama that took place just behind us, but I didn't go and Jack didn't take his camera for some strange reason.  They say it's the largest in the state, though you couldn't prove it by me.  Not really into it.  I know these people put a lot of time, work, and money into these cars and love showing them.  I guess some of the swap ,sell and craft sites would be fun to check. 

Nothing else newsworthy going on here so I'll let you get on with your day.  Have a good one.



  1. That really is chilly! It's been in the mid-fifties when I get up usually and that's plenty cool. Like you I don't look forward to the snow and cold one bit. My dad is an avid classic car fanatic. He always is going to the various meets they have.

  2. Our low this morning was about 48, loved it too. I didn't turn on the heat. It's about 75 now.

    1. It was a rude awakening wasn't it. I even gave up and turned the heat on for a bit. This is way too early to have the heat on. Yikes!

  3. I always enjoy stopping by your space and catching up on your latest adventures and quests. The weather here has really cooled off too, but I will not complain. The cooler weather makes for sleeping a little more comfortable at night.

    I do trust that you and yours have been keeping well. Well.... I am off to read more. Stay well.