Sunday, September 16, 2012

What a day!

My granddaughter Nicole has been asked to the Homecoming dance.  Her first date coinciding with her 15th birthday.  Yesterday her Mom, myself, Aunts Darla and Jodi took her on a shopping trip for the "dress".  Here are a couple of pics.
She like this one but the glitter in the dress kept coming off on her hands so wasn't quite sure if her date would appriciate it on his suit.

This is the one she picked. 

I can hardly believe she is this old already.  Time sure flies by.  We left here at 9:30 and got home just before 3.  It really is hard to find stores that carry dresses in an area where there aren't an abundant of places to go.  The mall we went to had just 3 stores and the selections were limited.  I was beginning to think we were headed to Madison or near Rockford Il. when she found these two. 

After all that shopping there was extreme hunger of course.  Since it was Nicole's day we had to eat at her favorite restuarant, the Cracker Barrel.  So diets be dammed, we enjoyed ourselves with great pleasure.

I must say, this old lady isn't used to that much walking and my legs were so sore and tired when we finally got home.  I didn't think they would ever let me get up again.  Feeling much better this morning.  Guess I had better start getting myself in gear and back to walking the neighborhood daily. 

Well the Badgers pulled it off, but they are not looking like they should.  I know a number of seniors are gone, and there are a number of coaches that moved up in the world also.  That certainly affects a team.  Hopefully they will improve.

Now the Packers looked much better and more like their old selves.  Was a little worried at first but then they took the wind our the Bears.   

Well enough of my yakking.  You all have a great day. 


  1. Isn't it something how quickly kids grow? My oldest is now seventeen and now has a driver's license which still blows me away. Sometimes a little indulgence at a favorite restaurant is a good thing, I'm so glad you had a good time!

  2. Looks like she picked a great dress, from the sounds of it, you were lucky you didn't have to do any more traveling to find one. Gettimg older sucks, I should take a walk or bike ride every day too. My endurance is for sh....!

  3. Love the dress, the short was is so pretty but i do understand about the glitter, that stuff gets everywhere ! I hope she has a magical night at Homecoming !!!
    I with you in the walking department, it kills me after awhile, and it seems like it just slams you one day, if it was gradual, i sure didn't notice it !!
    My Gators have had a tough couple years, they are looking better but like you said, not like they should..Either way, i love watching them play,,,have a good week !!

  4. Happy Birthday dear Nicole! And I LOVE the long gown. You look like an adult in it. Have fun...i remember my times like that and you will remember yours with smiles for many birthdays to come.

  5. Happy Birthday, Nicole. That dress is a good choice, looks good on you.