Saturday, October 13, 2012


 We made it through the first night okay.  We tried a dog bed, no dice.  A laundry basket with a towel in it (thinking he was small and couldn't get out) no dice.  No pet crate to put him in so he wouldn't wander (getting one from son today) so yes, he ended up in our bed.  It took him a little while to really settle down (all that napping I think) and he kept heading for the end of the bed.  Well it's a bit too high for him to jump and we had to keep bringing him back up.  After a while he decided my backside was the place to lay.  Sure, ignores me all day then wants to snuggle at night.  Here's a few pictures.
Where is my Mom?

Nap time again.

I can facebook with the dog in my lap.

I'll sleep, you play.

That doesn't look like Mom, but I like it.

I don't think he's gone more that 3 feet from Jack since he got here.  They definitely bonded fast. 

Just killing time until we go up to sons house for Aaron's first trip back home.  Pasta salad made and just have to pick up what to drink on the way.    Wish it was a rainy day for this, but we've never let the weather stop this family from having a good time. 

Uncle Joe is doing much better except for the pain in his feet.  They thought it may be gout but tests have disproved that.  He is up and about and says the feet, though they hurt, still feel a 100% better than they did.  Thanks again for keeping him in your prayers. 

Hope your day is a good one.


  1. Our dogs in the past always seemed to bond with my Mom though the last one we had went for me...it was a nice change. I'm sure things will settle down soon. Glad to here Joe is better, I certainly am believing for a full recovery.

  2. I found you browsing around at your friend's Site. Oh your wee doggy. So cute. I remember my first dog Ginger. She would cry and cry at night. We took the clock to think it be her Mothers heart beat back then, you name it we tried all things. Well Ginger lived 14years doggy years after her pup days. So we did right giving her T.L.Care Like I see in your pictures.

    Just reading your blog with hubby. Glad he is feeling much better. Yes as we get older. We never know what to-morrow brings. Do we but if we have friends who care. It makes it even more personal to us. I will look aroud here to add you. I enjoy to have new friends. I put my Fall pictures up last night. Please have a look at my blog. I am a Canadian gal and my hubby. I like Fall as soon we in Canada will get Snow.

    1. Glad to see you here. It's not my hubby who is ill, it's my uncle and a nicer man there just isn't. Thanks for stopping in. Glad to have new friends.

  3. Just precious, being spoiled too. We can't help spoiling them, dog or cat. Glad Uncle is better.

  4. Hey... heard your new found friend has arrived! Sure, do hope that he takes good care of your sneakers!? Wonderful snapshots. "...Sure, ignores me all day then wants to snuggle at night..." True male. I know, I am one.

  5. LOL at what Seth said. So very true. Your new puppy is adorable!!

  6. lol...why does everyone in the world start out trying to get a new puppy to sleep ANYWHERE else but in the bed with them? Unless the person is heartless, they always end up there....or the human ends up on the floor with the puppy! lol

    OH so GLAD it wasn't gout!!!! I pray his feet get back to normal soon!!!

    I hope ya'll have a wonderful trip and a hi-ho fun time at your son's house!!

  7. Welcome to the best home you could ever have sweet little one. xoxoxox

  8. There's nothing more wonderful than the feeling of a puppy snuggling up against you, I loved it, mind you when they get a bit bigger and heavier, is a different matter. he is really lovely and looks quite at home already, I wish you all many happy years together, i'd give a heckuva lot to have my days with my dogs back. [sniff]