Monday, October 22, 2012

Step by step

The little fellow is making small progress.  This morning for the first time he went to the door.  Poor Jack is getting  picked on a little for his impatience.  He's taking it well.  We do have the puppy pads but the silly little dog puts his front paws on the pad and his hindside out on the floor.  You turn him around and he turns back.  He's so funny.  As you can see from the picture, this is his spot when we're on these machines.

If the bed feels to warm for him he gets off and sits on the mat at my feet.  That's his favorite toy.  

Have the camper all taken care of and covered.  Still have the picnic tables and swing to put away.  Got way laid by football games and sisters.  After the Packer game they all came outside and we sat at the tables.  LOL  Jodi had her grandbabies and they like to play in the yard.  Sherry is being naughty and trying to teach Addison to say "Whatever" and  "Talk to the Hand" to her mom and dad.  Bad aunt Sherry, LOL. 

Have to run to the store this morning.  Making Taco Soup and thought I had all the stuff.  Naturally I was wrong.  Now should I make some cornbread to go with it or not?  Decisions, decisions. 

 DWTS tonight.  At least I think so.  The big Debate is on.  Will I watch it.  Probably not.  Nothing is going to change my mind at this date. Frankly I don't believe in 1 term Presidency anyway.  The job is just to tough to do in that short span of time. 

Time to go.  Hubby just turned the tv back on.  I'll get the shopping done and when I get back he'll go to horseshoes and I can turn it back off.   Dang, I need a Woman Cave. 

Have a good day.


  1. My whole house is a woman cave. LOL
    Your puppy is so cute!!

    1. Mine too Beth, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  2. YES I agree a WOMAN CAVE is or would be a great thing. Guess that is what they used to call the sewing room or craft room etc..anyway.. one for just YOU would be great. That pup is sooo darling wish I had one just like it..the way I look at it ANY progress is good with one so young. Hope it keeps up. I go cornbread ANYTIME..it's yummy!! Take care :-)

  3. Very cute puppy! I'm glad to hear there's been some progress with the potty training. It's cool and damp here but I'm trying to make the best of it. Our favorite shows are on other days of the week so what to do? LOL!

  4. Cute as a button is little Oreo, so appealing.
    Seems like you've been keeping busy got all your summer stuff put away, not surprised you forgot some ingredients. Send jack to the store. !

  5. Hi Terry I've awarded you a blog award if you'd like to go to my site and pick it up it's got your name on.

  6. He is a little doll. He really is.

    DWTS will be on at 8 my time Eastern..and only last 1 hr. Tomorrow let's hope the OTHER one gets voted off.

  7. lol....you need a woman cave! Funny!

    Oreo is just too cute. He'll get the hang of the puppy pads soon enough. How could you ever be mad at a face like that?

    It must be nice to have sisters. When I had my oldest son, my daughter was 15....big difference in age there....and she was thrilled when she taught him at 3 to say, "Woo, baby!" whenever he saw a pretty girl. She was 18 by then. He was so cute, no one could ever be offended by him spouting that out. They'd just fall in love with his eyes and tell us how cute he was. Thanks for bringing back that memory for me. :)

    I'm with you on the president's job. I think it should be at least 8 years, too. It is a hard job fighting with all those congressmen!

  8. So you had to go and blabber on me huh! WhatEVER! :)