Monday, October 15, 2012

I may be biased.....

...but I think she's just beautiful. 

The kids teased her about her "Snookie" hairdo.  She just laughs them off.

No, her hair is not really red, it's the dye they put in. 

Uncle Joe is home and according to him the only restrictions are his own, lol.  Well now I'm thinkin' his kids a way ahead of him on that.  He's doing good.  Thanks for the concern and prayers.

 Well tonight another DWTS show and elimination tomorrow.  I sure hope none of the really good ones get dumped.   I got in trouble with a person over my opinion of more importance on the judges.  I was reading the comments on the DWTS fb page and almost everyone was upset over last week.  Well "bully" that I must be, I got on ABC's feedback and nicely gave them my opinion and told them about all the comments I read and how people were threatening to quit watching.  Well I was told I had no right to relay that as it was putting words in others mouths (funny they were the ones that said it) and if the person she voted was voted off it wasn't fair to her.  Malarky, lol.   Somehow I got the impression she thought that my opinion weighed significantly.  I think she forgets, they read that stuff too. 

Well I think I've rattled on enough for one day.  You all take care and have a nice day.


  1. I am glad your uncle is home and doing well.

    Have I missed something? I don't know who the pretty red headed girl is.

    1. That's my granddaughter in her homecoming dress.

  2. Yes, she is a beautiful girl and her hair looks good, nice style.

  3. She is very beautiful your granddaughter girl.
    just pretty dress with your girl.

  4. This is how far I am out of the loop...I had no clue what a Snooki was...had to look it up in Wikipedia...and yes, her hair does bare a resemblance to Snooki, but since Snooki is the highest paid reality star EVER, I would just nod my head and smile, and say thank you to whoever said she looked like her. Your granddaughter is beautiful.

  5. Wonderful pictures my friend...let people say what they may, you know the truth!

  6. A very attractive young lady, Snookie or not, though I must admit I didn't know what it was. :-)
    You're quite right to say your piece on the TV programmes. I do.