Sunday, December 5, 2010

Such Fun

The shopping trip was so much fun.  I wish you all could have been with us.  We started out by having lunch so we would work it off shopping.  From store to store we looked, teased each other, laughed and had the clerks laughing right along with us.  We all helped the economy but Sherry.  Scrooge, lol.  I will say that I was more than ready to come home after 5 hours though.  We laughed when we dropped her off that Bill must be ready for her too.  And since her daughters car wasn't there was thinking she may be grounded for that 5 hour jaunt.   We didn't hear from her all night on fb and for a while the next day, lol. 

Yesterday Jack and I took a bus trip to Mooseheart for the 47 annual Wisconsin Tree Lighting. They had beautiful light displays all over the grounds.  It was awesome.  What a wonderful place.  We met the boys living in the Wisconsin House and a nice group of gentlemen they are.  They gave us a tour of their home and told us about what they like and do.  How much they like living there and all that is offered.  I was so impressed.  We had been there once before years ago and saw a number of other places including the area for babies.  It saddened you that they had to be there, but also lifted your spirits that they had such a wonderful place for their care.  These kids are given everything they need to succeed in life and I'm glad to be a part of an organization that aids them. 

Today will be a lazy day.  Going for breakfast at the Moose.  Specialty today--Belgian Waffles, or any of the normal breakfast fare you like.  Then home to watch the Packer game and play on this machine of course.  Darn thing is addicting. 

It's darn cold here and doesn't look to be warming up for a few days.  Have my snuggie out and ready, all throws we have draped over the backs of furniture and little heater (like those advertised by the Amish) in and fired up.  Keeping the Bunn either full of hot coffee, or hot water for chocolate or tea.  Not to mention dressing warm.  Did I miss anything?  Wouldn't want to get a chill you know.

You all enjoy what's left of the weekend.  Stay safe, keep warm and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!


  1. You girls sure had a well deserved good time. Waffles I love too and yes this machine is very addicting. What would we do without it.

  2. I wish I had been there, Terry!

    I have visited friends on their blogs nd on FB this morning and have read several very uplifting postings; I'm already feeling the old Christmas spirit returing and your story about Wisconsin House was wonderful. Thank you for that.

    I can't believe that the weeked is early over and a new week is rapidly approaching; where is the time going???

    Keep toasty and enjoy the remainder of the weekend, too! Monday is going to roll around again before you know it!

  3. I would have loved to have gone shopping with you all. Sounds like so much fun!!

  4. Five hours of shopping would've done me in big time! But as long as you had a good time and lunch is what's important. I've never heard of Mooseheart. Is it near you?

    Wish we had a breakfast place like that around here. Sounds delish, especially those waffles. Love them.

    Go Packers! Have you seen the seriously ugly throw back uniforms they'll be wearing today? They're really bad.

  5. Cindy, Mooseheart is down by Elgin, Ill. It's an entire city within itself. Has a website you can go to to learn all about it. Jack has some pictures up on fb you could go into as see some of it.