Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Too Darn Cold

This cold weather is wearing it's welcome thin already, and to think we still have Jan. and Feb. to look forward too.  UGH!  It just gets all the way to the bone.  They say more snow tomorrow and maybe Thur. at least that will bring a little rise in temperatures, but then back down.

Put some patches on a couple vests this morning.  Carson brought more girl scout patches for hers. She works hard for them and Grandma is proud to put them on for her.  I do tease her a little for making me work so hard, but that gets me a kiss and hug.  I know what I'm doing (big smile).

Then there was Jack's leather vest.  He bought some patches once at a store where they sewed them on right there.  He showed her where he wanted one of them and she put it there. Now mind you, there are inside pockets in this vest and the lady knew that when she sewed them on, sewing the pocket shut.. She told him that was the only way they would work there.  Now I know it's difficult to do but not impossible.  Amateur that I am in this area I took it off and twisting and turning managed to get it back on making the pocket usable.  Well he brought me another one he wanted on the other side, same problem, but it's done, looks good, and that pocket is usable.  Now patting myself on the back

I never had a good sewing class in school and was really turned off by the teacher I had.  I'm sure I have blogged about it when on spaces.  She was determined to help those who had taken her class from 6th grade up.  I came to the school from a Catholic elementary school and going into the 9th grade in this class had absolutely no experience in classes like this.  It was all academics there.  She kept ignoring my requests for help, threatened to give a girl who tried to help a lower grade if she did it again, detentions to do my work which she still ignored my pleas and gave me an F.  Well a conference with my mother and the principal resulted in a passing grade, free period for a study hall and never had to set foot in her class again.  I didn't even go in to retrieve the supplies I had bought for the class.  So in the end, a sewing machine that was an extra when we bought our first vacuum gave me the urge to try again and I taught myself what little I know.

Well off to find a book to bundle up with and try to get warm.   Ya'll keep safe and warm now.


  1. I am sick of this weather too. Only 96 more days till spring. I start my countdown earlier each year. I must be getting old. LOL
    I bought a sewing machine and some patterns when the kids were small and taught myself how to sew. I am thinking of buying one now.

  2. Man, I'm sick of the weather too and you guys get all the bad luck usually. I shouldn't complain (but I will)

    I had a hateable teacher like that in 9th grade. I still don't like her though she is gone to her reward by now for certain.

  3. I did alot of sewing as a child , made plenty of clothes back in the day, would love to have time to make stuff now but time just doesnt allow for that, i have no idea how some people accomplish so much when the time flies like it does.
    enjoy your reading

  4. I've not sewn much since high school. About a year ago , I gave Andy mine and his brother my serger. They sow seat covers, etc, always about cars.
    It's just raining here and the low is going to be around 33 F instead of 20's, who knows.