Thursday, December 9, 2010

Turn up the heat!

I'm freezing!

Though I have my shopping done, it's time to get with it and do my cards.  Haven't been that busy so there is no valid excuse.  Just lazy I guess, or may just trying to keep warm.  It's too darn cold already and it's going to get worse they say.  Don't normally do a lot of holiday baking as the kids bring all kinds of stuff Christmas Eve, and this way I don't have all those 'not needed' treats tempting me. 

Well I got the goulash made finally and evidently it was good as there wasn't a bit of it left.  Jack made salmon patties yesterday for him and his mom (they're the only 2 who like them) and the whole house smells just awful. Of course it's too darn cold to open the windows to air it out.  

Sadly we had another visitation to go to last night.  A former neighbor had passed.  It seems like that's all we've done this year.  I think this is the 4th one and my sister has another one this week for a friend of hers.  It always seems like there is more of that this time of year, doesn't it.  It may not be, but it sure seems like it.
I was supposed to go to the Christmas party from the school I used to work at, but as it was last night I missed it of course.  I really enjoy those but there are priorities.

Off to do something constructive.  I know, you're not buying it.  But, really I am.  Someone has to clean up the mess from last nights cook as he didn't do it.  Have those cards to do and and put all the gift cards into their cards.  Must wrap the few presents for the little ones.  Then a trip to the grocery store, UGGGGh!


  1. I got my cards done and just mailed today. I have a visitation to get to as well this evening.
    I love salmon patties but you're sure right. It really does smell up the house. I wonder how he makes his? I dump the whole can into a bowl..juices too, I use 2 eggs as a binder, broken into it..and I used to do as daddy did, and stir half a cup of water into a cup with half a cup of flour, mixed up with my fork, and poured into the mixture, mix up thoroughly and fry. Nowadays I tend to use breadcrumbs instead of the flour and water. Salt and pepper.

  2. I seldom get things done before Christmas. It seems like it's so wild before hand that getting anything extra done is impossible. We have a concert schedule that's heavy on the weekends so guess what? No cards ever get done on time and it's a miracle to get much but the Christmas tree done before the big day. I'd like a little less insanity so we could actually enjoy the season some!

  3. Steve and I design our own cards, taking turns every year; this year is his trurn, but we haven't done anything yet. We're planning on taking a photo of the two of us and printing the image with a greeting from us, but other things keep getting in the way. You'll probably have all your cards sent while we're still planning...

    Salmon anything is stinky, but--oh, is it good, and it's good for us, too!

    I hope you find enough peaceful, quiet moments to enjoy during the holidays, Terry; it's so easy to get caught up in the rush to get things done.

    Keep toasty!

  4. I love salmon patties and I put the usual stuff like Rambling, but I use cornmeal and a little flour.