Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The day dawned with a slushy mess out there.  Cold of course, but then this winter in Wisconsin.  Had to make a run to have those wonderful ladies take my blood for a Dr's appt. next week.  They enjoy their job so. 

  Found an old photo album this morning.  Good and bad it is.  It's one of those oldies before they came out with acid free ones, and the pages were the sticky kind to hold the photos.   What an awful time removing them so we could put them in a better one.  Some of the pictures had a layer of the paper in the back come off, leaving a very thin sheet.   Jack's mother used to have a Polaroid she took pictures with.  When pulling them off they left rippled lines in them.   I plan to scan, try to touch up and reprint them if I can.

There were such cute ones of the kids. Christmas, vacations, cookouts. Of course, they may not think so, tee hee.  But, scanned they will be and probably posted too ;-).  Friends and relatives too.  In fact I found the one I was looking for of my aunt who passed a few weeks ago.  Now I can make sure her daughter gets it.  Fortunately it was not ruined when pulling if off the page. 

Went to Nicole's Christmas concert last night.  It was wonderful.  A beautiful mixture of modern songs and  classic Christmas carols.  The kids did a great job and they all looked so nice, dressed in dark slacks and white blouses and shirts.  A much better presentation than last year where they all looked liked rejects from a bad prom.  Man what a difference and different teacher makes.  The choir was dwindling badly with the old director and I know it will again make gains. They used to be so big you had to have extra risers and separate the nights between middle school and high school choirs.  Now it's all combined into one night. 

Well off to start working on pictures.  This may take years as there are other priorities you know :-).  Now what do you suppose they would be hmmmmm!


  1. I went through all of that with the pictures from old albums a couple of years ago, scanning them into the computer and then putting them on dvds for safe keeping. I doubt very much if anyone will ever look at them but I love them and that is all that matters. You have a tough job ahead. ;-)
    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. I once felt inclined to get the old pictures out and get them all scanned etc. but have to admit it was a bigger task than I found myself willing for. I wish you the best with you project my friend.