Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quiet here.

It's so quiet here.  Hubby has gone off to practice with his bow for hunting season so tv is off.  It is a great invention, but sometimes it seems like it's just noise.  I think all the years I worked nights alone in a quiet school building have made me a little less tolerant of sound.  As you know from past posts I don't watch a love of tv.  One daytime soap and a couple shows on Mon. & Tues.  As to Monday, I sure hope one of the right people go home tonight.  It's painful to watch Chaz, Carson and Nancy. 

Haven't done much playing on this new machine to see what all it can do yet.  Do you ever get afraid to try something for fear you'll mess up the whole machine?  Sometimes I do.  Taking my time.  Did download a couple of books and a game onto my Kindle. Some of the free ones.  Now to read them.

Banged my hand on the door the other day and now have a big bruise.  Hate when that happens.  Ordered a wig from a company for costumes.  Have one here I want to do but needed a wig to make it more realistic.  Turned my sister Jodi onto the site and she ordered a costume.  It's called PartyBell.com and boy are they quick.  It only took about 3 days to get here.  Have a costume in mind for Jack and haven't decided if he will be a sock monkey or a scotsman. 

I guess that's enough blabbering for now. 

You all have a good day.



  1. I always feel that way about a new computer, so afraid of doing something to really screw it up.
    Have fun with the costumes.

  2. I feel the same about the computer. Enjoy the quiet.

  3. Have to laugh because we're all alike. But if you asked a grandchild to help you, they'd have it figured out in no time. Costume pawty sounds like great fun.

  4. I am am contemplating a new machine. I set me desktop back up and it's just not up to snuff. I thought I could use it again but it just doesn;t work as well as my laptop. It's 6 years old and I guess totally of date.
    I know what a Scottsman is but what is a sock monkey?