Saturday, October 15, 2011

Got it!

My new laptop is safely in my own possesion, though not without a little more waiting.  You just wouldn't believe it.  I called the minute I knew the doors were open yesterday and it still wasn't done, but supposedly in the process of having just a little more to finish.  Should be with a couple hours and they would call as soon as done.  Well I told them they had to leave a message because I had a funeral (will explain who later in this post) to go to.  Of course I had my phone off there.  As soon as I got out I turned it on and sure enough there was the message I could pick it up.  Believe it or not, when we got there it was still uploading the last part.  After a 45 min. wait I was finally on my way.  Am I on it now?  No.  The grandkids are here for the weekend and I want no distractions when I set up things.

Now about the funeral.  This is a fellow from the Moose, but to me he was still my high school bus driver.  The 'mean' ;-) man who kicked us off the bus.  Yes, there is a story here.  There were 4 of us girls who would stay on the bus after all the others and he would take us to a little drive-in here and buy us all a root beer, then we would ride along and go to the grade school, pick up those kids and we would get off with them.  Now one day were were singing on the bus after the root beer. It was nice and warm outside and we had the bus windows open.  Of course at school they did too.  He had to go inside the school and we continued with our song, "Ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall".  We saw him coming back (none to happy) and one of the girls closed the door and sat on the handle so he could not get in.  We had to find an alternative way to school for 3 days.  Sheesh, some people just cannot take a joke.  LOL

Well the dinner at the Texas Roadhouse was just fantastic.  Sorry no pictures, Jodi didn't ride the bull.  Our sister Rhonda who couldn't go asked Jodi to bring her the leftovers.  We explained she doesn't leave leftovers but she wasn't buying that.  So obliging sisters that we are, Sherry, Jodi and I filled a to-go container with the left over buns, butter, deep fried pickles and a few hands full of peanuts. Laughing all the time we're doing it.  When we pulled into Sherry's driveway to let them out, Jodi called Rhonda and told here to meet us at the end of her driveway for her container.  There she was, waiting so nicely.  We handed it to her, and went home and locked the doors, lol.   A few minutes later we saw that we were 'Biotches' on fb.  We are bad girls, tee hee.  Now who else but a sister could you tease this way?

Well now that I've given you a little laugh I'll be off to see what trouble I can find today.

Have a good day.


  1. Sisters are wonderful, aren't they! I am glad you all had fun at the Texas Roadhouse. I love that place.

    Have good luck setting up your new computer. I always hate that part and am so relieved when it is done.

  2. That sounds like a great time though it's a shame there's not video of you riding the bull! I hope the computer works out well for you. Have a great day!

  3. Congratulations on the new computer. So happy you finally got it.