Monday, October 24, 2011

Manic Monday

At least that's what some call it.  I prefer Mellow Monday.  I guess because I don't have to go to a job anymore and can plan for whatever I want.  Whether that's many things to do or nothing at all.

Do you believe in superstition?  Good luck things. I never have but I know some do.  They carry special trinkets, do certain routines etc.  Well I'm beginning to wonder.  I wore the same shirt for all the games the Badger played and went undefeated, and this Sat. wore a different one and they lost.  I watched the games the Brewers won and couldn't stay awake for the wons they lost.  Now I have worn the same t-shirt and my Packers necklace for all the games so far and they're still winning.  I have a brand new shirt and am afraid to wear on game day, lol.  Isn't that silly.  Guess I'll just have to stick with it until the fateful day it fails.  Not sure about these type of things, but not taking any chances.

A strange thing here.  According to the task bar on the computer I am not connected to the internet.  There is a little red x on the spot.  Now I have been on and around my sites, my home page, msn, fb etc.  This has been like this for 2 days.  Oh well, as long as it works.

Guess it's to be a nice day here.  May have to go out and enjoy it.  These days will be few and far between for a few months.  Sure not looking forward to all the ice and snow.  A short winter would make a hapy camper here. 

Time to go a see what I have here for breakfast.  You all have a good day.


  1. It is going to be a good day today!!

    I have a freakie toy (what they are called) that came from a box of cereal. My son gave it to me when he was just a tiny guy. I have carried that in my purse for about 45 years now. Is that superstition? Not sure.

  2. No, I'm not a believer in luck. I remember my dad used to have a rabbits foot and I thought that it couldn't be that lucky or it would still be on the rabbit! The computer thing is strange. I have wireless adapters that I put on the other computers in the house and on occasion it can give readings like that though I've never had it last. We're dropping to the forties for highs over the next couple of days...I think fall is on it's way out. I wish there was a charm to make the winter go away quickly!

  3. From one Wisconsinnite to another - please don't change anything until all our teams are thru playing for the season. he he I'm a little superstitious when it comes to our local teams. Not for much else tho. Hmmm your little red internet light - don't have any solution for you there. It seems to be working anyway, so guess it's nothing to worry about. Darn technology!

  4. I don't believe in luck either but I smile with those who do. If I'm lucky tonight, Chaz will tank!

  5. Like the new look, and no, I'm not superstitious, nor d I believe in ghosts, least not till I see one.
    I just ignore all these lights and messages that pop up on the computer, at least until it conks out, then I curse myself for not paying attention.
    Just about every blogger is dreading the thought of winter, maybe last winter gave us such a fright, we've got to thinking it's always going to be like it, but maybe it didn't affect you across the pond. and are used to way below temps.
    Maybe you're right about carrot cake being better for the figure, but somehow I doubt it, as it's so good I ate bigger portions. :-)
    Thanks for visiting.

  6. I'm not superstitious . I hope your new toy behaves the way it should as they are testy little things. A geek could probably tell you about the crazy little light.lol

  7. You're first paragraph made me jealous. I can't wait until I can stop working.
    I was never one for superstition. I have a friend who will wear the same shirt every time the Celtics play.