Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bad Terry

I'm ashamed to say I didn't plan one single thing for Easter Sunday.  For some reason it's upon me already and I have no idea where my mind has been. It's not like I've been locked away from the world.  Commercials, stores etc. have all given a heads up.   Usually we have a big meal and egg hunt for the kids.  I guess all this nasty weather just didn't get me motivated.  I have a roast in the freezer, so it looks like I will be making that, but haven't set up anything with the kids.  I got my wake up call when my d-i-l called to see if we were doing anything.  So they are having her dad over which is good.  Her parents are divorced and he would have been alone.   (Head hung low in shame)  

Off the subject.  As we went by a school the other day I was thinking it should soon be time for kindergarten screening.  You know, where they bring the darlings in to see how smart they are before they start school.  I remembered one that happened when I was working there.  How it worked here was stations were set up with teachers asking questions (supplied by the states of course) of the kids.  Now I have no idea who comes up with these questions but here's how it went at one station I was working near.

Teacher; what color is a banana?

Child;  White

Teacher;  No that's wrong, it's yellow. (that's what the testmakers answer says)

Child;  No, the peel is yellow, the banana is White.

Sometimes the kids are smarter. 

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. I LOVE the child's answer to the question!!!

    I hope you have a Happy Easter with your family, Terry. My son and his girlfriend are hosting a family gathering at their home Sunday; going to be a wonderful time.

    Happy news today: The Sun Is SHINING!!! And Steve and I will be out on the Kawasaki today!


  2. “…Child; No, the peel is yellow, the banana is White…” Absolutely brilliant! Bwahahaha! Give that child a pat on the back because he/she is no fool (unlike those that must prepare these tests).

    Yes… the blessed Easter weekend. Another perfect opportunity to spend some quality time around a table with those that matter… over fine food, great conversation and perhaps a drink or two to make a toast to all we have been blessed with and the real reason why we are able to enjoy such blessings. No doubt your dinner will be a good one and so very kind of you to set an extra plate at the table. Let the joy of Easter fill up your heart today and the whole year ahead. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  3. I am lucky to have been invited out. Much nicer than being alone. I am sure your family will love whatever you do.
    Have a very happy Easter.

  4. I have found the unplanned quick event turns out to be the best for some odd reason. The childs answer was great!! Love it. Have a Happy Easter!

  5. My visit this evening is to bring to you some extra special Easter Greetings along with Best Wishes for a Happy Springtime too!
    Let this joy of Easter fill up your heart today and forever. Happy Easter!

  6. My wife and mom have always kept things happening on Easter and the holiday so I'm safe in that regard and I teach today in our church so it's hard to forget the day! LOL! Truthfully I have to admit the holiday services are my least favorite but none the less, be blessed today my friend and I'll do the same, how's that?

  7. Terry, you made my DAY with that child's answer! LOVED that!!!

  8. Never mind Terry,all we sometime our brains became foggy...
    Hope you and all yours a great Easter.
    I enjoy read smart child answer!