Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gloomy Looking Saturday

Well good morning everyone.  Cold, foggy, and wet here today.  Had some rain yesterday and a little more called for today, but suppose to be dry tomorrow.  Though the temps aren't going to rise much.

Went shopping with my sister Jodi, yesterday.  She wanted a new laptop and Staples was having a sale.  She found one for $599 and when they addes the soft that no longer comes standard and the warranty (laptop screen repair costs as much as the whole thing) her $599 laptop was a little over $1200.  I always wanted one of my own but just not ready to part with the money right now.  Besides, Danielle insists that when I jump in the water I absolutely must go IMac.  What I found interesting was the lady that we were dealing with said Microsoft software (for things like Office, Microsoft Word, etc) hadn't been standard for over three years and she had been there for 6.  Well maybe she had, but I informed her my husband bought one just shy of 2 years ago at this store and the only thing he had to add if he wanted it was the upgrade for Windows 7.  She still insisted that wasn't possible.  Well we have the receipt and it sure was.    So with getting the added software installed and the Norton installed her cost skyrocketed pretty good.  I think I'll wait.  We have Jack's and can use that when we go camping etc.  I don't need it to sit in front of the tv and play as my pc  sits directly in line with it.

Jack is off to photography class this morning.  He keeps going back to that one class to refresh his learnin's.
The teacher has asked if our granddaughter Allie would model for them.  She hasn't replied yet. 

Well I'm off to check out the morning paper, a crossword puzzle and fb.  Most important will also be around to check on all of you. Have a good day.


  1. I bought Office for my last computer 2 years ago. It cost well over $100. I don't use it much, but I like to have it.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I love my iMac, I have to say.

    As for that person you talked to in the store..she is an ample illustration that many if not most, offer their personal thoughts and opinions and are not trained as to how to help the customer. Been my experience anyway.


  3. Ouch that was ah chuck of money. Weather is windy and very wet from the rains. Have a nice weekend.

  4. We paid about that for our new MacBook. We finally took the leap to that after having so many laptops that failed...I can only hope it was the right decision. I would love to update my desktop to Windows 7 because so far my experiences with it have been very good. It's going to be a big cool down for us as well though today it's actually sunny...I have learned to treasure that! Have a great weekend!

  5. I am about due for an upgrade/new laptop and I dread the thought of having to go shopping for one. I don't care if it IS user friendly.. I'm not exactly computer friendly. I guess I have some research to do and lots of shopping around for prices, etc... I really want to find a computer that has a the CNTRL-ALT-MAKE SENSE button.
    Have a great weekend Terry!!!!

  6. Hi Terry, I hope you get a new laptop soon, I had so much stuff on my last one i just got fed up with it and gave it to my gr daughter, as she only wants FB stuff, it had Vista, I got an Acer with windows 7 and I like it apart from the keyboard whcih if ind a bit one sided as it has a numeric keypad on the right. but am getting used to it. it cost about £499, I'll leave you to work out the conversion, :-) Thanks for visiting my joke blog, much appreciated

  7. I'm one of lucky ones:-) I just used my computers which my son's set up for me it is hard disk with 5000MB a month although connected to his office
    He is in the computer's business if something goes wrong just ring him.
    Have a great day.

  8. Sometimes I think my life was so much simpler before I went online, Terry; computers can be pretty complicated critters and can be pretty nifty as long as they're working.

    Software and security issues aside--and there are 'way too many of those--being online has afforded me so many opportunities as a writer and I've met some wonderful people (like you) whom I most likely wouldn't have met without the internet.

    Steve and I have discussed getting a laptop; portable technology would be a great way for me to write about our adventures without having to wait until we return home to the behemoth sitting on my desk! The thing is, we'll have to do a lot of price-checking and brand research; there are so many options available to cosumers today.

    So many choices; so little money...

    If our Iowa sunshine ever returns, I'll send some your way!