Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

It's absolutely beautiful out there.  Today and tomorrow are suppose to be like this and then it's back downhill.  UGH!

Went to the grocery store this morning.  $218 later and I won't have to go for the rest of the month.  Trouble is by then the same items will probably be double in price.  No wonder people are doing gardens again, and shopping at Farmers Markets.  Gas too.  Was $3.81 at one station and $3.77 at another. Of course we went for the later.  I just don't see why they can't get it through their heads, we will cut back and their greed doesn't help anyone.

While out, my sister texted me that a lady at her work gave her a $50 check for one of those rubber bracelets we're selling for Jimmy's benefit. We're only asking $2 each. That was just awesome.   Some people are so generous it just boggles the mind. 

Now that the errands are done, what to do with the rest of the day?  Whatever, I think it will be outside.  A nice walk or two maybe.  Who knows but you all have a good one.


  1. I have sent my glorious weather up north for you all to enjoy. It just doesn't get any better than this.
    What a generous lady with the $50 donation.

  2. Prices have indeed risen. Our gas is still sitting at 3.55 but that's terrible compared to what it's ever been in the past. They say it's really beginning to effect people now. The prices at the store are also really increasing...the gas doesn't help that either. People far more powerful and rich play with such things. Sometimes I wonder if it will break down until we see the riots that plague so much of the world happen here. I surely hope not. We were out and about all day for my son's birthday but I didn't mind...it was a lot cooler than yesterday...this up and down thing sure does get old!

  3. As you said prices have risen everything ..
    in here too.
    The heavy rain across Melbourne over night with many suburbs picking up month's worth of rain in less than 24 hours.
    Some place are floods again and still we has been the water restriction not used water in the lawn or not wash the car's etc,
    plus we paid more than half much the waters bill.
    Have a peaceful day,