Monday, April 11, 2011

We're Safe.

The storm did roar through Wisconsin, but went north of us by quite a bit.  I have a teacher friend who lives in Merrill and am waiting to see how she faired through it all.  She lives right on a lake.  Hardly noticed much more than winds here that didn't seem so bad to me.  I hope and pray for all those in the storm ravaged areas.

The weather day yesterday of 81 felt so good.  By the end of this week we're suppose to be back in the upper 30's or low 40's.  Come on, let's even out so we can get outside on a daily basis.  Cleaned all the protective leaves away from the rose bushes yesterday.  Hope it wasn't too soon.  Just had to do something on that beautiful day.

Have you ever lain awake thinking totally unnecessary thoughts?  Things to keep you awake that you can't do anything about, or are unimportant in the scheme of life.  Stupid things like how they could do the story on some soap, or why they have such useless shows on tv etc?  If you can't sleep, why can't you at least think about how to do something useful.  How to solve a problem that is important to your life.  Why your wasting your time when you have so many things to do?  How to help with some project that will help someone?  I guess it's one of those things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Starting to wonder.....When is it exactly that boys turn into men!


  1. I am so glad you all are safe. The storms missed us here and we did get just a little rain. It got up to 86 yesterday and was miserably hot and humid.
    I have that kind of night a lot. :-)

  2. Hi Mags, much as I love storms I am well aware of the damage the can do, and we probably don't get them nearly as severe in Uk as in other parts of the world, glad you've come out the other side OK. somebody's looking out for you. LOL
    I do often wake during the night, but I'm not thinking of how I want to change the world, I'm thinking 'how the h**l can I get back to sleep?'
    Our weather has dropped about 7 degrees overnight, goodbye to our mini summer, for not too long hopefully, Thanks for visiting me and enjoying the jokes. I wish I could lay claim to writing them. X

  3. So glad you are alright. I watched that red rope fo storms. It was so very windy here. Useless thoughts, yep have many. Enjoy your week!

  4. I've posted several of the videos people took of the tornadoes that there were in those parts on Face Book...amazing destruction from those things. It's been far too cool here for dangerous weather fortunately...or not...I'm sick of the cold frankly. I sleep often with my i-touch playing...much better than fretting!

  5. I have a sweet friend in WI who is one of the Admiral's furriends..Mariodacat. She, her husband and her kitty Mario all went to the basement. I thought of you girls too!

  6. Oh and yes...many many many times I've laid there unable to turn off my thoughts. Even when I'm sleepy.

  7. Yes I think about stupid things before I go to sleep. I dream of even stupider things. After a very nice day today we have a large rain storm headed our way for Wed. I don't care. We do get snow around here and the occasional hurricane but fortunately no tornados.

  8. "...Have you ever lain awake thinking totally unnecessary thoughts?.." For sure I have. My daydreams usually involve either grand romance or world domination, or some combination of the two. I think most of us have that stream of conciseness going on.
    Sounds you enjoyed some really nice weather. Here's hoping that you experience many more days just the same if not better!

  9. So glad you are safe, these day where ever look
    at the world it seems nightmare in everywhere.
    We has rains more than one month rains for only last night and some place are floods again.
    AND we are still no 2 the water restrictions not used for water for the lawns or wash the cars.Plus Five times more the water bills to payed.

    I have has a lots of depress for all unwanted
    nature devastating etc. that's make me nightmare not sleeps well all involved in my family and other people's.

    I used to listening the rains sweet sound to enjoy my sleep...

  10. Terry, I'm glad you and your family are okay.

    This could be a very complicated spring, and summer could be rough, as well (some farmers here in Iowa anticipate drought, based upon observations that the trees are budding late this year...).

    Yes, I often find my mind racing when I should be sleeping, but I've been that way most of my life (tried antidepressants, but wasn't willing to put up with the side effects).

    Michiko had a great idea: listening to the rain (I love that, and a light breeze rustling the pines outside is so soothing on a restless night).

    Thank you for offering one of the peaceful places I look forward to visiting when I'm online.

    *hugs from your neighbor in Iowa*