Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not feeling it.

 Haven't been up to doing much of anything the last few days but seeing an upturn here.  Sat. I started getting a sore throat and my ears were aching.  Stuffy head and all that stuff.  Great way to spend Easter wasn't it.  Still a little stuffy but the rest is gone. 

My poor Nicole hurt her ankle during softball practice, learning to slide.  Says she's never going to slide again, lol.  Aunt Darla told her if it's done right "it won't hurt, (as much)".  Big help she was.  Darla explained to her how she learned to slide when in school.  The coach sat up two chairs in the gym with a broom across them.  Put a towel down on the floor and you went down on the towel and slid under.  If you didn't hit the broom, success.  Nicole isn't buying and still says she isn't going to slide.

I keep telling Jack he needs to find some new areas to aid in his photograpy learning.  The river is getting to be old stuff.  Then he comes up with something like this, that his teacher really liked.  See how much I know.

Jared and Darla are going to the Brewer game tonight, as he is on vacation and she has a half day of work.  I don't think she has ever been to the new Miller Park and I know she will enjoy it.  I did tell her to take out a loan, lol.  The price at ballparks are a little to steep if you ask me.  It does have a retractable roof so I doubt the weather will have much effect on the game.

Yesterday a crew went through the neighborhood, filling in the cracks in the blacktop roads.  Was a bit noisy but it didn't take too long.  My sister called and wondered what the heck they were doing besides making a mess.  She thinks it looks ugly.

This blog has become quite a hodgepodge of things.  Oh Well.  That's what happens when your off a few days.  It's wet here

  Everyone have a good day.


  1. Hey..hodgepodge is what it's supposed to be like! Hodgepodge on, gf!!

    Ask Jack to consider posting onto Flickr.

  2. I was messing with a new app on my i-touch and have some terribly sore muscles...good Lord am I that old? LOL! I was never much of a sports person...still am not but I do know about the injuries a person can get. I had several friends in football that had all sorts of injuries. I sure love those pictures, they have a serenity that is wonderful to behold!