Monday, April 18, 2011


Darn!  Woke up to snow all over the place.  Enough already.  I want to go outside and play.  Picnic tables are waiting patiently for me as is the lawn swing.  The flowers are begging for some warmth to show their pretty faces.  To top it off, the weatherman here this morning says their will be more tomorrow.   This child in me wants to stomp and cry, but I will behave.  Welllllll maybe. 

Why is it there is always someone that feels the need to be a spoiler.  A friend yesterday said their anniversary is coming up and she would like to have a party.  The problem is there is one family member who is a royal pain and some family may not come if he does.  She so wants all her kids and grandkids there but worries trouble will brew.  This is the kind of person who is  very judgmental and also thinks picking at people is a funny joke.  Another couple is celebrating also and suggested a combined party and whoever comes comes.  So far she is okay with that and hoping for the best. 

Forgetfullness has set in.  I have been meaning to take the posters for Jimmy's benefit to the Moose to be put up and have forget them two weeks in a row.  I even made sure they were right where I would have to see them when I left yesterday, and here they still sit.  This 'old-timers' stuff is for the birds.

Have a good day everyone. 


  1. Hey, I am suffering from that old timer's stuff too and I don't like it. :-)

  2. It's lousy weather here too...winter storm watch for three days...good heavens...as if one day of that wasn't enough at this point. Possible 6 inches...what the heck kind of spring is this? I'm doing my best to stay above it all...bright side is there's no such variation of temperature inside and there's no tornadoes like the south has been suffering so I guess I'll count myself blessed.

  3. My darling husband informed me that we DO have snow in the forecast later today. I may just join you in that tantrum, Terry! (Yep--my inner kid is feeling a little ornery, too!)
    It wasn't that long ago we were in shirt sleeves and light jackets...what happened, anyway???

    I have a veggie garden to plant, brush to clear out, a yard to rake, and it's too darned cold and wet to do anything; potato planting time is drawing near, too, and I wanted to try my had at spuds for the first time. There could be white stuff on the ground then.

    This displeases me, Terry; it displeases me--a LOT.


    About the ornery family member...perhaps it's time to have an intervention and confront them about the objectionable behavior. What could happen? 1--they get p*ssed off and never speak to you again (would that be such a bad thing, under the circumstances?), or 2--they may see the light and actually mend their ways.

    I'm sorry they choose to make life unpleasant for people around them; perhaps it's time to stop letting them get away with it.

    Just sayin'...

    Keep toasty, Terry; this cold can't stick around forever!

    *hugs from chilly, gloomy Iowa!*

  4. I can NOT understand why so many States and places are STILL getting snow and hardly got started with any Spring weather at ALL. I hereby command it to STOP that IMMEDIATELY!

    There..did the snow melt and the sun come out?

  5. Oh dear I hope that the snow you have isn't a foretaste of what's planned for us in UK, as we seem to follow your weather, right now we are basking in the 70's so un-April like!
    I'd go along with your friend Margie on the problem of the awkward relative, I'm one for confronting, though it's got me in hot water more than once. but my policy is it's best to have things out in the open.
    Thanks for popping in to my joke blog, hope they lift your mood. Ha, ha.

  6. Marge has the right idea although as some family members love trouble, he may not heed the advice.
    I have one of those...grrrr.
    Piss him off and maybe he'll stay away.