Monday, April 4, 2011


The wind and rain hit in the middle of the night and it sounded like it was coming right in the house.  The showed some really big hail stones on the news and I'm glad I didn't see any like that here.  It was so loud I thought for sur we would go out and find things all over the yard. My sister has a pile of tree branches from when a friend come and cut down a limb that was hanging over her house, and none of them blew away. 

Haven't updated for a couple of days here.  Slacking some would say.  Had a small benefit to help Mary and Jim for his bone marrow transplant in June Saturday.  Have a few more things planned followed by a Spagetti dinner in May.  Hopefully we can get enough to help them rent a place down there while he recuperates.  He has to stay for 3 months after the trasnplant, so that is an added expense.  Sunday was the monthly breakfast at the Moose.  I was hoping quick in and out but no such luck.  They were short handed and Jack ended up doing dishes all morning, followed by a meeting and we didn't get out of there until after 3.  Needless to say was tired.  Checked fb to see if my family was behaving.  No they weren't ;).  I don't know what I'm going to do with those girls.

A small miracle happened here. My husband actually put the twist tie back on the loaf of bread after he used it.  Must be thankful for the little things.

Today is the opening home game for the Brewers and my son Jared and grandson Aaron will be heading for Milwaukee.  Jared took a vacation day and Aaron's mom allowed him to take the day off from school this once.  He's an honor student and knowing him probably has his work done ahead of schedule anyway.  He's that kind of kid.  I pray the Brewers win one for them.  Especially after losing the first 3 games to the Reds.

Well I had better get going and get this placed in order.  UGH!  You all have a nice day.

A persons true nature is revealed by how they treat those they have no reason to be nice to.


  1. We had sort of a hail/snow combo yesterday...get up and it's only 31 outside right now...weird. That sounds like a long time for recuperation but at least it's the road to recovery that's being walking on! Have a blessed day my friend.

  2. Bad weather is expected here today and the closet is ready for me and Kassey. I sure hope we get none of those big hail balls I've seen on the news. Glad y'all are safe.

  3. No storm here last night but the wind is still gusting like crazy. It got up to 82 degrees here yesterday; today it is only 43 so our cold front has gone through.
    I am glad you are all safe there.

  4. We had a rainy miserable day and my Red Sox, the heir apparent to the throne according to Sorts Illustrated have lost their first 3 games. You should hear the fans. Panic has set in. It is possible that they could go 0 and 162!

  5. That should be Sports Illustrated. Sorts Illustrated is for people who are into sorting things.

  6. Crikey that weather sounds awful, I'm glad we seem to have turned the corner and spring is in sight, well some day anyway, You made me smile at your FB comment, I find it's easier to just not go there, I was surprised at some of the things my g'daughter and her friends talk about.
    Can I come to your Spaghetti dinner,? I'll bring my own fork.

  7. Oh Terry, gees. What a rotten break with the weather!

    Those girls behave? You gotta be kiddin'! :-)))

    (I read what they say on FB!!)

    Hey, I love that they're going to the game. I used to get to go to a couple of Phillies games back when . It's thrilling and the memory stays. That sounds wonderful and as always..you know what I'm gonna say. Wish I was there,.


  8. I hope the weather in your area improves soon.

    I live in between the Dodgers and Angels. I've always been an Angel fan but I like the Dodgers too. But only when they're winning :-)

  9. Just making it a point to stop by your page and give you a friendly reminder that weekends are all about R & R for the most part. So, here’s hoping that you get the opportunity to just sit back and relax… Cheers Terry!
    —> http://i56.tinypic.com/2i7lnis.jpg