Friday, April 15, 2011

It Did It AGAIN!

Yes, the WiFi went out again.  After spending last Friday without it all day things were going along smoothly with the new plug.  Yesterday we got a double dose of trouble.  The monthly bill came with an added $35 for replacing one cord and the the internet was gone again.  It took 2 calls the first time to get results.  So back on the phone I went, spent over 45 minutes while they tried to fix it from there and no results.  A technician would be sent out and I informed them I had better not be charged again.  Well he came, put in a whole new router set everything up and had me bring up the internet and Hooray, there it was.  He left and Jack went to get on his laptop (which the guy used to set things up) and was locked out again.  Another phone call and another 30 to 40 minutes and finally we were back in business.  Honestly, it didn't take that long to install it when we first went that way.  I will be watching the bill closely and they will definitely get a call if there is another charge. I guess you would call that a Friday Rant.

Cold and windy here with rain expected this afternoon.  Guess we had better get whatever running we have to do early. 

I get some little catalogs that have some odd stuff in them and a bunch of t-shirts with sayings on them.  Have used a few on fb and they do get some fun conversations going.  Makes for some good laughs in this old world.  We sure need it now and again.

Well I guess I had better go find something to eat.  Was hoping hubby would suggest going out for breakfast but like always, it never crosses his mind.  He's munching away on cereal.


  1. Perhaps if more internet users stood up to greedy tech service providers, the rates we're charged wouldn't be so outrageous. Good for you for being assertive!!!

    If those extra charges are made, oh, how I'd love to be a fly on the wall when you call the [tech support people] I shall refrain from using more colorful descriptive words for them.

    8 )

    Some of that cold and wind have spilled into the midwest, too; the weatherguessers have mentioned rain, but I don't have a sense of it--just a lot of wind whipping the trees around.
    If we do get rain, the storm is gonna be a gullywasher!!!

    I've seen some pretty cool stuff on t-shirts, too; my favorite is...

    "If you haven't grown up by age 50, you don't have to."

    ...and I am doing my very best to live up to those wise words.

    Keep toasty and hang in there, Terry; the warm weather has got to return soon!

    *crosses fingers*

  2. I'm back, Terry--there's rain on the window as I type this.

    Although we really need it, I hope it doesn't last too long; Steve and I need to get out and work on the Kawasaki.

    He's been patiently listening to me whining about missing the road trips. Well, I do...

    ...a LOT!

    *sighs mightily*

  3. It is a nasty, cold, windy, rainy day here. i wanted to share the wealth so I sent some up to you all. Enjoy!! LOL
    I hope my router doesn't go out. That would make me sick.

  4. Hey maybe you should have suggested breakfast out? Say it was his treat....LOL!
    So that's where you are getting those funny lines. They are ah hoot! Oh and it's crappy weather here too.

  5. Oh I hope that does the trick. Not a whole lot worse than being locked out of your own internet!!!

    I had breakfast at the Waffle House yesterday, TO DIE FOR! Sausage gravy (real stuff not a mix) and a biscuit the size of a saucer for pete sakes. And I asked for hash browns. I think I died and went to heaven,

    My girl friend has a pecan waffle AND 2 fried eggs that were so gorgeous to look at I felt like knocking her over the head and eating them myself. (my stomach would have busted wide open though.)

  6. Oh please Terry.... you can tell us the truth. The cable guy is probably some young hunk and you see him as nothing more than eye candy. Thus the many calls to the cable company. Geesh! Silly gal. Bwahahaha! I bet if we were to look under your bed, we'd find plenty of cables, tools and 'How to Sabotage Your Cable/Internet Service' manuals.

  7. It seems many are having lousy weather...we're part of that club too sadly. We are very fortunate with our broadband cable company...they handle the cable and the phone service and almost never have disrupted service. I think stability with such services is so important and if there's trouble they shouldn't charge you for it.

  8. Sorry about your the route was not working.
    These day we are involved in computers too much and with out that it almost make me sick too.LOL!
    Hope you get a sunny weather and no more problems.