Tuesday, November 8, 2011


No, not the scrapbook.  Still can't find it.  It's about my new laptop.  I think I have figured out why hubby bought me one.  Possible guilt.  He went and bought himself a new bow and release (story about that in a min.) and seems the cost is a secret.  That was over a month ago and I still have no clue. As we both have our own separate credit cards we don't always pay attention to what the other buys.  Don't get me wrong, I know he wouldn't do anything to break us, I just think he's enjoying being funny for a little bit.  I know if I really asked he'd tell me.

Now about the release.  He lost it.  Can you believe it.  He says it was an expensive (top of the line) lesson learned and had to go get a replacement yesterday.  Glad it was the bow too.  He said he laid it on the ground when putting things away and forgot to pick it up.  They went back and looked for it, but there were ATV tracks around so someone got a nice release for their bow.

Well I watched DWTS and they got the scores right as far as I'm concerned.  Now if the audience gets it right we will be without Nancy Grace for the semi-finals.  She tries but she just doesn't have it.

Tonight my fav.  NCIS

Have a good day.

"After all is said and done, more is said than done"   Unknown


  1. Don'tcha just love it when the husband feeling guilty results in something nice for us. :-)
    Too bad about the bow release.
    Nancy Grace needs to go back to her show. Period!!!!!
    Love NCIS and the John Sandford movie with Mark Harmon was so good. I hope they do some more of Sandford's books.

  2. What is NCTS please? what am I missing.
    By 'Bow' do you mean as in hunting or Archery?
    And what happened with your daughter's dog and the fireworks. :-(

  3. Took me a couple of minutes to realize what you meant by release. Then I connected it with bow hunting - yup - the season is already in swing. Have to be so careful driving on country roads at this time of the year. Will stay that way until hunting season is over. Now Husband and I have done that golfing - laid a club on the ground and forgot to pick it up. Expensive lesson to learn.

  4. Wow, a real live pay off! I smile but I totally understand...a terrible shame that was lost though...yikes what a bummer! I'm a guy but I'd much rather have a lap top then a bow...any day actually.