Thursday, November 3, 2011

No Luck!

I don't know what he did with that scrapbook, but I can't find it.  It wasn't in the black holes, so who knows where it is.

This morning I took a jacket I found in the black hole to the school I use to work at.  As it had the school staff Logo on it, I thought maybe someone could use it.  Well on the way there was this truck stalled at the stop sign so all had to go around.  Well on the way back I could see flashing red and blue lights and traffic backed all the to the next road in one lane.  Had to go all around through town as the next road has a bridge that is being redone so traffic can't go that way either.  Well when I finally got back to where that road turns off the highway it was still backed up as far as you could see.  Took me 30 minutes to go around. 

Not fair.  When I went into that closet and started pulling things our I counted 17, yes17, coats for Jack.  How many for me?  5.   Now does that seem fair to you?  There's Nascar jackets, hunting jackets, winter jackets, leather jackets, dress coats.  Really!  I have 1 dress coat (old by the way) 2 winter coats, 2 light jackets.  I had coats piled on every piece of living room furniture.  I think someone needs to load up and go the goodwill.  Sheesh!

Carole, about Emmitt.  He was beginning to feel the effects of his age and when they lost the house, the new landlord doesn't allow pets, so they decided now was the time to have him peacefully put to sleep.  I know they were not happy about it, but both the dog and cat were in the twilight of their years and they were glad they didn't have to suffer.

Now off to find some kind of trouble to get into. 

"My favorite animal is the mule. He has more sense that a horse.  He knows when to stop eating---and when to stop working."    Harry Truman


  1. I have to admit that I have more coats then Bill does. His thing is hats and I was able to convince him to get rid of a few a couple weeks ago. The zipper is stuck on one of my leather coats and I can't get it unstuck darn it. It's my favorite one too. Seems we both had interesting experiences on the road today.

  2. I find that I have a light coat fetish...don't know what that's all about but there's evidence that I can't deny. I think that having pets is likely something that's over for me. I can't handle the expense and the heart ache of their passing is something I think I'm pretty well done with for the most part. It's another cool day but I'm going to do my best to rejoice in it being above freezing. Have a good one my friend.

  3. I've been working on my black holes today and I now have 3 organizers for Andy and Sheila plus the 2 from yesterday. I've been a long time doing this too.

  4. I found so many coats of Jim's after he died. I couldn't bear to put them on a garage sale so I took them all to Good Will.

    I found my insurance papers I needed in a black hole. I hope you find your scrapbook soon.

  5. I have few costs but it getting a small for me
    which I grew in side way the last five years:-)
    I need to spring cleaning and get rid off old clothes.
    You might find your scrapbook in some where
    you never expect place ....

  6. I usually call them black holes - voids. Hubby says that's politically correct. Ennaway...you say HE put it somewhere? I am giggling here my friend. Hope you are having a warm peaceful night.

  7. Well I hope you find the scrapbook soon, I was reading your post and thinking it was going to turn up before the end , somehow, but no...
    I too have a 'thing' about coats, well jackets to be exact, having to take the dogs out in all weathers plus doing dog shows most week ends, I had to have one for every type of weather, which as you know we get a huge variation of in the UK.
    I was sorry to hear the pets had to be put down, but \i suppose as they were getting very old it was sensible, but afraid I'm not vey sensible when it comes to animals, unfortunately. thanks for visiting Terry, and hope you find some nice recipes in that old book, and maybe share them :-)