Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday, Sunday.

I haven't quite figured out what to do with today.  No football games.  Packers and Badgers have already played and WON.  I guess I could watch the Bears and hope they lose, lol.  Hey, I'm a Packer fan and rooting for them is real difficult. 

Poor Nicole has to take the bus to school now.  Danielle's car is on the fritz so Mike either has to take or she has to use the truck.  She usually takes her to school as it's on her way but she has to leave earlier now.  Poor baby.  She has to get up and out about 15 minutes earlier. 

Have finally done some Christmas shopping.  Have the great-grandkids done, and Nicole, Danielle, Mike, Austin and Sandy.  Jack gave Aaron a rifle for hunting so I guess that is his Christmas present.  Now for the rest of them.  Giving money to Jake and his wife.  They need new tires so what little we can give will sure help them.  So that leaves Steph, Jack, Jacky (I know I still call him that), Jared, Carson Alyssa and Allie.  Should be a snap right.  LOL  I think the tree will go up Saturday.  Jack is still trying to talk me into a table top tree, but I like my big tree and not quite ready to give in yet.  

Well off to find out what to do with today. 

You all have a good one.


  1. I purchased Janet Evanovich's Explosive 18 today so I guess I will get started on that.
    I am THROUGH Christmas shopping. At least I keep telling myself that. lol

  2. I'm wearing a nice bright halo and a badge that says I'VE DONE MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING' only because I had nothing much to do one day and dragged the lot out, leaving a big untidy pile on the sofa. I then knew if I didn't wrap them I'd have to put them all back as they were, so now they're all tidy and neat, they are easier to stack in a corner. Good luck Terry, and get yourself in gear as we say, and it will soon be a done job! :-)

  3. I did a tiny bit of shopping. I have one person who is difficult to shop for. At least I still have time.
    I did get to watch the Patriots squash the Eagles. Perhaps we'll see a Packers Patriots Superbowl.

  4. Oh dear - the pressure is on me to get the shopping done. Usually I'm nearly done by this time of year, but have barely started this year. Still waiting for a list from a couple of people!!