Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's so quiet.

Though it's nice for little bit, it will be nice when they get back.  Like the peace and quiet temporarily but always miss the people.  We joke about bugging each other but sure happy we have them to have fun with.

Got some hints for Christmas present and may head out to get some today or at least sometime before they get back. 

A dear friend passed the other day.  She was the mother of my cousins wife.  A great little lady of 84.  Just a tiny bit of a thing and full of fun.  They found her gone sitting at her kitchen table.  She was just about to go to her daughters in Florida for the winter.  We had just seen her a week ago yesterday at the Moose for dinner.  She was her usual chipper self.  It was quite a shock to say the least. 

Well I wonder what Carson is thinking about her first day deer hunting.  She was all excited to go but somehow I don't think she will want to next year.  I must say, she is willing to give things a try.  It's just that she has such sensitive personality. 

Have a good day.

"The principle difference between a cat and a lie is that a cat only has nine lives."  --Mark Twain--


  1. I know what it is to have too much alone time. It is nice at first but then it isn't fun anymore.

    Love the quote!

  2. I never liked being alone that much either - especially on a weekend. I'm wondering if they are gone for the entire week like some do, or is it just the weekend?

  3. I used to like alone time. Now I jist git lonely. Sorry about your friend passing. It must have been quick. Have fun shopping.

  4. I'm sorry to hear of the ladys passing.
    I've never been hunting. I guess I'm too much a city, well suburb kinda guy. I do like fishing, both fresh water and salt.I have been to the woods.

    Oh yeah...Christmas shopping...

  5. Hi Terry, trying to catch up on my faithful few, so thanks for comment on my posts. appreciated as always I'd had the 'IN' ..... one sitting on the desktop for a while and decided to finish it off and get rid of it, I enjoyed the word game, exercised the brain for a change. :-)
    I hope you get your mob back soon I get used to loneliness, and love it when the family visit. Sorry about the old lady, but probably the best way to go, I hope she didn't leave anyone in shock over it.
    I do hope Carson gets her fill of hunting and doesn't want to go again, like a lot of Brits, I'm not for it.
    Must catch up with a few more friends, take care and have a lovely week Terry .