Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glad that's over.

What a couple days.  The storms that devastated Joplin makes the heart break for those people.  The outpouring of help renews your faith in mankind.  May they come out of this better than before.  We had a couple touchdowns way north of here but only damage as far as I have heard.  Only wind and rain mostly here.  A branch broke off my sisters tree and ended up in my back yard but not a big one.  Had power outages in places around town but only a hiccup here.  Popped off and on in a second.  Just long enough to make me reset clocks.  It shut down the computer but thankfully, didn't harm it.  Decided to leave it off until the next day. 

I'm broke now.  Filled the suburban, got groceries and paid a couple bills.  Guess that means staying home and finding our own entertainment.   That usually is the best kind anyway.  Gas is down to $3.69 though.

Went with Jack to horseshoes last night and missed DWTS.  Kind of hoping Chelsea wins it.  Have been surprised at Kristi Alley though.  She has improved a lot and looking better each week.  I wonder how much weight she has lost.  It's definitely visible. Now comes the boring season for me. Not into the Bachelor shows, or the Housewives.  They seems much to phony for me.  I find it hard to understand people who would make such fools of themselves.  At least that's the way it looks to me.  What money will do to people.

"Men can read maps better than women, because only the male mind could conceive of one inch equaling on hundred miles." ---- Roseanne 


  1. My stepson called last night, he's in LaCross estimating and supervising cleanup at a Sears store hit by tornado. Today is still hot&humid here in MO ready for storm breakouts. I am glad you survived the storms. Love the quote.

  2. We were spared the devastation from the storm and I am thankful for that.
    Gas was $3.89 here this morning. I think the stations around here are price gouging (sp?)

  3. Glad y'all survived the storms. It is terrible what tornadoes have done. It's hard to watch what's been done.
    No rain here yet, but tomorrow , maybe.
    Gas is around 3.69 and a little lower in some places.