Monday, May 9, 2011

What the heck?

Where did my reading list go?  I have checked it daily for updates and nothing.  Says I am currently not following any blogs.  What's the deal?  Does this happen often?  I sure hope no one thinks I'm ignoring them.  I hope you can find me and yours aren't gone.

Yesterday was so nice and sunny.  Took my book and crossword books outside and enjoyed a nice relaxing time at the picnic table.  Was out there all day.  Cut some dead branches off the rose bushes.  Just a great day.

Had a bad fire in the area a few days ago.  Unfortunately a life was lost in this one.  It appears the man may have had a heart attack and the oil he had started on the stove boiled over causing a fire.  Jack had to take pictures, as did a couple others for investigation.  Made a disk for them.  It was a trailer and naturally they go up fast. 

I guess he is going to put a few of them in his album his has for his photo class.  There were around 30 or 40 of them altogether. 

Well off to find something constructive to to.  Maybe the best thing would be to make of a list of what I need to do then prioritize it.  That should take most of the day ;). 


  1. I have that happen a lot, showing that I am not following anyone. For several days it was like that this past week and knock on wood it finally came back on yesterday.
    Fires are a terrible thing. I am sorry there was a life lost.

  2. Fires scare me to death, Terry. That was a tragic one.

    So far I see to have my followers and those I follow. Knock on wood.

    Hope you had a good mother's day with the kids too.

  3. I just checked and my reading list is still there. Hope they don't start messing around with things. Hope no one else was injured in the fire. Have a good one. Looks like we're going to jump right into summer today.