Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time stands still.

At least here it does.  Would you believe I have 5, count 'em, 5 watches.  What would be the odds of all of them having dead batteries at the same time.  Must be big odds.  I found a battery for one so I'm up and running again.....to the store for more batteries, lol.  I could not believe it, when the one I was wearing died and I went to get one of the others and all were dead.  Two of them are Betty Boops and Betty and let me down.

Nicole's choir concert last night was wonderful.  They did songs from movies, both old and new.  Grease, Disney, Beatles, Broadway etc.  From back in the 30's to today.  Amazing what changing a teacher can do.  I didn't take my video camera as getting a good view can be difficult.  Some aways sits right in front of you and can't sit still so their head is popping in and out. 

I guess they are moving cousin Jim's bone marrow transplant up to next week.  He has been needing weekly transfusions and they're wearing him down.  Thank you and please keep the prayers coming.

Enjoy the day.


  1. Your cousin Jim is in my prayers Terry.
    There goes your excuse for NOT having time to do something ;-)
    Kids singing old to new is great fun to watch. Have a good day and don't waste time...ha haa.
    Had to say that

  2. Girlfriend, I have about 12 watches. I use them too. I got on a sterling silver watch kick and have 4 of those..and a very red and very wide band on one of the others..with a smaller band imbedded so you can use the cuff band or not. I use it. At least 5 Winnie the Pooh watches, LOVE him.

  3. I have several watches too, only one with a working batter.
    Prayers for your cousin that all goes well.

  4. That should read battery. I think I am tired. LOL

  5. Prayers for Jim. God's blessing on him.

  6. I pray that God will heal Jim, in Jesus' name amen.

  7. I loved the watches as matter fact that too many from my golf watchs and a very good one:-)
    Although almost every rooms have the clocks in the rooms.
    My prayers for Jim and everything goes well.