Saturday, May 28, 2011


The following report from my cousin Mary on Jimmy's trasnplant.

"Transplant went well, so far so good. He wanted to rest for a short time so we all came back to my room. They are saying that he has to be there 2-4 wk still but they said he handled it very well. There was enough stem cells from our donor that they could freeze 2 bags just incase he needs one in the future. Thanks for all of your prayers and support."

We are delighted things are going so well and keeping the prayers up for continued success.  A special prayer for the awesome donor who gave Jimmy a second chance at life and for the extra stems cells for him.  What a wonderful person.

Today is to be a family get together.  The weather not looking real good.  Chances for showers in the afternoon which we don't need.  Going to put up a tarp just in case.  Hopefully it can hold off until later at night.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Had a nice visit last night from family that came up from Florida.  They here visiting all of us they left behind when they left the cold confines of WI.  Needless to say they were saying they were freezing. lol  Feeling sorry for them did not  occur to me (tee hee). 

Well I guess I had better get started on making the potato salad for today.  Family asked on our site who was bringing what, I said the yard.  That didn't go over well, lol.  Was called a smart a$$.  These people have no sense of humor.   They tried to get to me by saying they would just move across the street to Jodi's but I told them the picnic tables stayed in this yard so they would have to sit on the grass to eat over there, (aren't I a stinker).   Then Darla said I had to make "Dam potato salad".  What, I've never heard of  Dam potato salad?  She said it's the kind where with everything you cut and peel you say "Dam Potato Salad".  Such a funny girl she is.

Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Weekend.  But most importantly remember the men who have given their all for us to be free.

God Bless



  1. Shoot, I almost forgot I have to make something yet lol. Gotta go see what I have in the kitchen to throw together.

  2. I am so happy that the transplant of the cells went well. Praying for Jimmy and his donor for the future.

    I miss big family gatherings. I know you will all have a lot of fun. Enjoy that darn potato salad. I think I will try that new recipe. :-)

  3. Lord I am so happy all went well! Blessings.