Wednesday, May 25, 2011


That's how I feel.  Having been battling aching ears and a scratchy throat.  Seems to come and go on a daily basis.  Starts to feel good one day and back again the next.  It's frustrating.  Enough already.  GO AWAY! It leaves me feeling tired and cranky, and cranky is not my style.  So, a nap is in the cards for today, maybe even two.

Weather is not help my granddaughters softball practice.  They keep getting rained out and on the one day it was sunny her knees were hurting.  Nicoles team will be a little rusty.

I am such a proud grandma.  My little Carson received and award for academic excellance this year. You don't usually see this for the elementary level but her district gave out awards from there through the high school level for grades of 3.5 and up, a total  752 in all.   Alyssa will be receiving an award for something tomorrow.  They haven't told me what yet.  And the big one.  Aaron was inducted into the National Honor Society. Autin and Nicole are also honor roll students.   I'm busting with pride.

Well off for that first nap.  Hope the weather is decent where you are and let's up in the areas of devastation.  Prayers for all those poor people.


  1. I hope you feel better soon. Is it allergies?

    Congratulations, grandma, you have every reason to be proud of your grandkids!!

  2. Congratulations to Carson and the other children for their accomplishments. I know how that makes a mom and a grandparent feel and it's obvious you guys as a family value what learning and education can and will do..for each of you. Still thinking of Danielle and her courses too.

    I hope that IS allergies. Are you trying any allergy relief meds OTC just in case?

    Kirstie should N-O-T ever have made it to the finals..already said why..and that Chelsea and Mark were put in third place because of her..that was a travesty. It should have been Chelsea and Hines as 1 & 2. Kirstie tried hard..she did alright as an overweight older woman. Glad she lost weight and hope she keeps that up. (she won't). But no way should she have made it as far as she did. Sympathy votes.

  3. Allergy, that's it. Take care now.
    Golly sakes your granbabies are doing so well! You should be proud. Now don't step on all those buttons that popped off. ;-)

  4. I'm fortunate about not having much allergy problems...but, sometimes they kick in a little. It gives me an excuse to mix up a little (very little) honey in a tall glass of good ole Kentucky Bourbon.
    I don't know if it cures the allergy problem, but, I just don't care much about it!