Sunday, May 22, 2011

People are wonderful

The benefit was a huge success.  The best they ever had for a spagetti dinner benefit.  Jack even had to run to the store for more spagetti and set up a fire outside to cook it because they couldn't keep up with the demand.  The raffle donations were many and made big money.  The Green Bay Packer autographed Super Bowl Football was the hit of the night.  We had sold $80 worth of tickets before we even got to the benefit. One fellow came in and bought $100 worth of tickets and just scattered them throughout the raffles.  He told me he didn't really want anything but likes to participate.   We made over $4600 for them.  They will be on their way back to Zion today with the knowledge of love and prayers to go along with them.

Jim did make it to draw the raffle winners and see all the people who turned out to help his cause.  He is such a wonderful person and he has the best attitude.  "It's all in God's hands" he always says and we know he's right, but anything we can do to help we do.  Our family circles the wagons and comes together when the need arises.

I also want to thank you all for the thoughts and prayers you been sending for Jimmy.  It has gotten us this fat and I'm sure it will carry us through to a successful transplant.

There was an amusing little thing.  There was a gift certificate for the Cybirus (sp) suite and Danielle and a cousin both were hoping for it.  The jokingly said they would beat up whoever wins and take it away.  Well the cousin won and Danielle grabbed it and made her chase her around to get it back.  Oh that kid. 

Jack and the sons are suppose to go golfing this afternoon but the weatherman isn't giving them much hope for a good day.  Rain, storms and hail in the forecast.  Hope it hold off till late for them.

Have a wonderful day.



  1. I am truly grateful for the good turnout for Jim's raffle. Most folks come together and help out when they know there is a need, don't they? Loved reading how well it went.

    Hail? At practically the end of May?That is obscene. Tell Mother Nature to lay off. No wait, me and Danielle will!

  2. CONGRATS!! on such a wonderful turnout and the money raised. Most people are loving and kind, proved to you all yesterday!