Thursday, May 12, 2011

In the dog house.

No, not the hubby this time.  It's me.  Yuppers! Now don't get excited, it's not real serious.  You all know by now that Wed. is granny's night out.  Well last night I didn't go.  Neither did Jodi and I don't know about Sherry.  We went to get Nicole and take her home and my cell beeped.  It was Rhonda at the bar.  The texts went like this.

Rhonda: " Where the he** are you and why aren't you here?"

Me:  "Picking Nicole up at school and taking her home, going to get money, go home and make sure Grandma Dolly has food then going to Culver"s for dinner."

Rhonda:  WELL!

Me:  Have to do something different now and then."

Rhonda:  Not on Wednesday!

End of texts.  Boy some sisters are so demanding, lol.  Good thing I didn't tell her I was going to watch Jeopardy first, tee hee.   I know she likes the company as that early there is hardly any business, but they were having a special fund raiser for the police "Crime  Stoppers Scoopie Night" and a certain percent of the meal went to their fund.  When we were coming out of Culver's it was raining like crazy.  As we went west for a little bit we hit where there wasn't a drop of rain.  It's funny how that just shuts off is spots.

Tonight we are going to Aaron's baseball game.  Jack is going to try and get some pictures of him playing and pitching.  I think I'll take the video camera and see if I can get some good shots too. 

Rained this morning and now is sunny and 81, though they're called for more rain and cooler temps for the next few days.

Well, off to do something.  What I haven't the faintes idea.  Right or wrong, good or bad but hopefull fun. 

"What's right is what's left if you do everything else wrong." ---Robin Williams


  1. I am glad it's nothing serious. :-)

    We missed out on the storm last night, just a little bit of thunder, no rain and that was it.

    Love the quote!

  2. Uuummm... err..... I'm going to email you my telephone number to give to Rhonda. Geeesh! No woman should be left standing at the bar... alone. *wink wink*. Shame on you girls. Poor Rhonda. I guess you gals owe her a drink?! :)
    "Crime Stoppers Scoopie Night", very nice. I hope it was a successful event, such a good cause.
    I don't even want to mention 'r.a.i.n.' :(