Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hey we're back!

Boy that wasn't any fun.  Not being able to blog, or visit my friends, that is.  Hope they don't do that very often.

Tomorrow and Monday are Danielle & Mike's, and Darla & Jim's anniversary's.  We are taking them out for dinner tonight to celebrate.  Sometimes I think that is one of the best presents to give.  A night out to have fun and relax with people who love you. 

The benefit for our cousin Jim is next Sat. and we are gathering up the things we will need to raffle off.  Mary is making some jewelry items. Jack is putting together a nice tp holder for a bathroon, Darla is making a basket of some kind, a cousin does woodworking and is making a couple of nice things, collecting gift certificates, I gave some Packer golf club covers and am going looking for some other stuff.  Thinking of making a family fun night basket filled with a couple movies, popcorn, Dots, etc.  You know stuff you buy at the theater.  Maybe a gardening type basket with seeds, gardening tools, etc.  I have decided which or if both yet.  Depends on my funds. I'll figure something out for sure. 

Well we went to Aaron's baseball game Thursday night, not only to watch him play, but so Jack could take some pictures of him pitching.  Well guess who forgot the camera.  YES HE DID.  I had my video camera so I gave it to him to get the pictures (where the fence didn't interfer) and guess who pushed the wrong button and got nothing.  YES HE DID.  I had my little camera and was taking pictures from my seat but they aren't the best.  The safety screen is visible making not so good pics.  So guess who'' going to try again next Thursday. YES HE IS!  Think maybe I should load the camera in the car?  Do ya, huh?

Well the morning paper is here so I think I'll go read it and see what truth's and lies it tells, lol.  Have a good weekend.  Hope your weather is better than ours.

"If we had less statemanship, we would get along with fewer battleships."---Mark Twain


  1. Oh you have me laughing this early Saturday morning. Yes, I DO think you should load the camera..and make sure EVERYTHING is in order! That was hilarious although it sure wasn't funny at the time, I know. Not for Jack anyway.

    Good luck on the raffle, Terry..I hope all goes well and Jim gets a great benefit from it.

    And Happy Anniversary to those two girls (and hubbies) xoxoxox

  2. Good luck with the raffle.

    It has poured rain here all night long and is still raining.

    Happy Anniversary to your kids.

  3. Happy Anniversary to the happy couples. Hope your raffle goes well and Jim benefits well from it.
    As i was reading about Jack and his leaving the camera on the table recently, I wondered if he put it there to remember to bring it to the game...lol
    Bring your camera for sure.....lol

  4. CONGRATULATIONS to Darla & Jim and Danielle & Mike. I think it's great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
    Here's hoping that the benefit for your cousin Jim is a success. No doubt that it will be. But I am sending good vibes anyway.
    By the way... guess who didn't remind HIM to bring the camera. YOU DID NOT. Must we men remember everything? He didn't drive off without you, now did he. Bwahahaha!

  5. A Happy Aniversary to your kids.
    Don't forget your camera on the next Thursday.
    We having the rainy with hail weather for over weeks in the cold early winter's times and still the calender's way is Autum time.
    Enjoy your day.