Monday, May 16, 2011

Yes He Did.

I don't know if I ever told you about the reason I became a stay-at-home Mom.  Well when Darla was born I worked at a place called "Admiral" that made tv's and radios.  I worked days and Jack worked nights so that arrangement eased the need for a baby sitter (we couldn't afford anyway) or so I thought.  There goes that thinking thing again.  You know how that goes.

Let me tell you, though we were new parents, I had experience with dealing with babies as I had been taking care of my little sisters for some time.  Rhonda was born the month before I turned 11 and Jodi 4 years later.  I had been bathing, feeding etc. with them so I was no rookie to the baby thing.

By 3 months Darla was having cereal and sleeping through the night so I went back to work.  Well for some reason she suddenly wasn't sleeping well again.  I discovered Jack had been giving here only the amount of cereal (1 tablespoon) on the box label.  Well, she had been eating more than twice that.  Corrected that situation and all seemed well.

Not so fast.  One day I came home and he sheepishly had a confession to make.  He said Darla had been crying and he couldn't understand why.  She had been fed and was okay then.  He checked and she needed a diaper change so he did that.  But, she kept crying.  So he checked again, maybe she needed a change again.  Well you wouldn't believe my shock when he told me what he found wrong.  He had PINNED THE DIAPER TO THE BABY!  Yes he did.  In, out and to the diaper.  That did it.  I will stay home and take care of my own baby, thank you very much.  

What brought this memory up you ask?  Well I saw the following cartoon in the paper that I sent to Darla as a reminder we can laugh about now.

Have a nice day.


  1. OH! Oh oh oh oh OH!!! Holey Moley. OWWWW!

  2. OUCH!!! Good enough reason to become a stay at home mom!!