Tuesday, May 10, 2011


dashboard is back to normal.  It took forever it seems.  Haven't seen any updates for a week at least.  Beautiful day today.  Right now the temp. says 71 but we're suppose to have a high of 80.  Big Smile here.

Took a walk and a big creature came darting out of the weeds.  I think is was gopher.   Couldn't get my camera focused as it kept flying across the road and into the park behind our neighborhood.  Startled me too, so that didn't help. 

Well I have been watching DWTS this year, even though I didn't think I would.  Didn't think the picks would be worth it, but some of them have surprised.  Kristi Alley is doing better than I thought she would, as is Ralph and Romeo.  Hines Ward is pretty darn good, but I think Mark and Chelsea are the ones to beat so far.  But then, what do I know.

NCIS final tonight and I don't think I'm going to like the way the season ends.  At least not by the previews they showed last week, with a member going down. 

Enough of tv.   Have to go make out a grocery list so I can go real early in the morning.    Have a good day.


  1. I was amazed at Romeo. Last week he was terrible and I forgot last night. But I'll watch tonight for the results. Romeo is terrific. he couldn't prepare for that one last Monday (not yesterday) and he stank. BUT he is excellent when he tries. Hines is really good but I think that Carrie Anne gets carried away qwith him. Isn't he nice looking though? It continually amazes me how well the football players always do!

    I wonder what happened to the Argentine Tango? I don't like the "regular" tango half as much.

  2. Why do all of my favorite shows think they have to kill off someone on the last show of the season. Not fair!!
    Glad you have your dashboard back. Mine is working too for the time being,
    It is HOT!!! here to top out at 90. It is mid 80s already. Well, I asked for warmth and I got it. LOL

  3. Cant believe they wrote out Mike Franks, darn i liked watching him. I am surprised though, i really thought that Barret was somehow involved in the mess, apparently not.