Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just yaking.

Another star has left us.  I remember watchin Jackie Cooper in the Our Gang series.  He was such a cute little kid.  Also he brought tears to eyes in the first Champ movies.  He was such a good actor. Rest in Peace Jackie.

Have been watching the events of the last few days and I must say, though I don't like violence, I'm not at all sorry he was taken out.  There are so many ways to look at things and all have their own opinions, as it should be.  I love this country and it's people and anyone who sets out to destroy our way of life, must be willing to deal with what may come to them.  I really don't have any desire to see the pictures, as many do.  You see enough of it as it is, in the news, tv & movies etc.  He's gone and that's all that is important.

Last night at granny's night out had all granny's present.  But, there was a gentlemen there that had me biting my tongue.  The disgusting and disparaging remarks he was making about the president was awful.  Had he not been drunk (at least it seemed that way to me) I probably would have.  I said to Sherry  he is quite bigotted isn't he, as she's known him longer.  She said he was very much so.  I believe you should judge people on their accomplishments, life and behaviors etc. not on their ethic heritage.  

Mother's Day is fast approaching and we've always had a gathering on the Sat. berfore that day (as we do Father's Day also).  The weather has not always been very cooperative so last year we decided we would pick a day in between and celebrate both days together.  Well that left us with open plans and we have two places we said we would be to this Sat.  One an anniversary and the other a retirement party. Now another has presented itself and the family connection is much stronger.  Grandson Jake's birthday and they want a party for it and to show the new place they moved too.  Of course the timing for all is the same, so Jake comes first. 

Man, I'm getting dizzy with everthing going on at once.  Slow down world.  We need to stop and smell the roses.



  1. That is so true. Stop and smell the roses. My daughter just brought me a lovely bouquet and I am smelling the flowers all through my house.
    I don't agree always with the prez but he is our leader and as such I respect him.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. I'm with you on the death pictures. I figure there will always be controversy and conspiracy about things but for me I believe OBL is gone and I am glad for any positive thing that does. It finally warming up some here...figures we leave next week...let's just hope it's not cold where we're going. I pray you have a good day my friend.

  3. I agrees with you that he is gone and we would have peace of mind.

    I will be very busy time that my grand son's one years his birthday after weeks the mother's day.

    Happy mother day!

  4. I think obama did a good thing to tell the rest of the world you cant kill innocent people to make a statement ...sometimes you need to stand up to the bullies and bring them to their knees... after all didn't King David destroy his enemies?
    I will, for my part, continue to pray for the souls of those who have lost lives and loved ones throughout this conflict, and maintain humility and reverence for the sacrifices made. I find overt celebration very inappropriate, myself.
    Cooper was a legend and will be missed. My thoughts are with Mr. Cooper’s friends, family and fans.


  5. Though I'm not American, i too feel that the death of OBL was a good thing for the world, or at least the Western world as a whole, he was an evil person, who did evil things and he had what was coming to him, whether or not it will make the world a safer place, I know not, but at least in my eyes, justice was done, and I wouldn't want to see the photos, that would put me in the same category as the sadists who commit these crimes.