Friday, May 27, 2011

Today is the Day

Jimmy is having his bone marrow transplant today.  We are all praying for the best and also sending prayers for the wonderful person who is giving him this chance at life.  These marvelously unselfish and caring people are just the best.  I know something like this can't be easy or an easy decision to make and they deserve every accolade there is.

Jim is such a wonderful person.  The kind that would be the donor if the situation were reversed.  He and Mary would give you their last dime if you needed it.  If fact while scrounging to raise money to support their 3 month stay in Zion she gave to another cancer patient fundraiser. 

Dear God please make all go well for all during this time.

Now for the slugs of this world.  While this family is fighting this battle some jerk had stolen their daughters  identity on fb.  They completely copied her site with one exception.  They spelled her name wrong.  We have been spent hours last night reporting them.  How these low lifes can face themselves in the mirror is more than I can understand.  I'm proud and happy with who I am and what I have, would not want to be anyone else.  I would not want to bring on anyone else's problems, or even their good things. 

On a good note.  We went to Alyssa's award night last night and the dear girl received 3 awards.  Congratulations Alyssa, grandma and grandpa are so proud of you. 

Have a good day and God Bless!

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  1. Prayers for Jimmy!!

    Congrats for Alyssa (I love that name, it is beautiful)!!

    Gibbs head slap for the dumba** that stole the facebook identity.